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what is php framework

A PHP Framework is a collection of classes which help you develop a web application.

PHP Frameworks

Framework Name mvc PHP4 PHP5 Multiple DB's Templates
yii To download yii yii support mvc yii support PHP4 yii support PHP5 yii support Multiple DB's yii support Templates
thinkphp To download thinkphp thinkphp support mvc thinkphp support PHP4 - thinkphp support Multiple DB's thinkphp support Templates
Cakephp To download Cakephp Cakephp support mvc Cakephp support PHP4 Cakephp support PHP5 Cakephp support Multiple DB's Cakephp support Templates
codeigniter - CI To download codeigniter - CI codeigniter - CI support mvc codeigniter - CI support PHP4 codeigniter - CI support PHP5 codeigniter - CI support Multiple DB's codeigniter - CI support Templates
  • mvc mvc
  • PHP4 PHP4
  • PHP5 PHP5
  • Multiple DB's Multiple DB's
  • Templates Templates
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